The International Marketing Trends Conference runs two research programmes:

  • International Marketing Trends REVIEW
  • International Marketing Trends RADAR



Chair : Professor Jean-François TRINQUECOSTE, Université Montesqieu Bordeaux IV, France

The Marketing Trends Review programme is devoted to identifying 20 to 30 papers published in one of the 50 selected academic journals over the past two years in order to help emerge the Trends in Marketing that are developed in new existing concepts and new ideas. The analysis of these trends aims at creating four or five categories related to the issues that are addressed and the approaches that are used.

For each publication, the end-report of this review includes a synthesis (1500/2500 signs space excluded) in English highlighting how its key elements underline recent research on the area. Il also summarizes the paper’s topic and conclusions, the academics and managerial implications of the results as well as the methodology and limits.

Each review of literature on a topic is published at the International Marketing Trends Conference after going through a double blind review process by the Scientific Committee.

In order to participate to this program, please contact Professor Jean-François Trinquecoste at



Chair : Professor Klaus-Peter WIEDMANN, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany

In all fields of marketing trends the dialog between marketing scholars as well as marketing practitioners of different institutions and countries should be systematically advanced. The objective is to obtain a clear view ranging from a big picture to a more detailed understanding of the main trends both in the field of marketing science and of marketing management.

This program is open to all researchers who wish to participate and are concerned with new trends and developments in marketing. We will provide a detailed framework which structures the relevant fields of marketing trends as follows:

  • the Marketing Trends Barometer, an annual survey of consumers and professional for measuring marketing trends,
  • academic papers on new trends and emerging ideas (state of the art and literature review) to address a broad spectrum of novelty and innovation within the marketing discipline.

In order to participate to this program, please contact Professor Klaus-Peter Wiedmann at