During 1/2 day, the Therory Visualization Workshop provides personalized guidance on how to present your research results in order to better communicate your research and increase your papers’ publication potential.

The workshop is chaired by Prof. Dina RASOLOFOARISON (Université Paris-Dauphine PSL – France) and Prof. Cristel RUSSELL (Pepperdine University – USA).

Visuals can distill complex research conceptualizations and findings to their essence and ultimately enhance a paper’s contribution. Yet, visuals are hard to develop. This workshop is designed to share ideas, insights and best practices for creating compelling figures that organize your thinking, that communicate findings simply and effectively in a way that ultimately conveys the contribution and increases the visibility of the paper.

It is open to all researchers who are interested in the power of visuals in communicating concepts and/or findings.

The organizers are researchers with expertise in narrative research and visual communication and with publications which are in the process of a large-scale project on theory visualization.

Fee included in conference registration costs, but the participants must register specifically for the workshop via the conference registration page.

Deadline for registration: November 6th 2023.

Limited number of places.