The Journal of Marketing Trends (JMT) is positioned as an academic publication dedicated to research on the Marketing Trends and to supporting its development.

It is devoted to explore new ideas and models, and to identify new trends in marketing and in marketing methodologies.

Seeking to provide a diversity of views, the Journal of Marketing Trends aims to encourage multi-country approaches, advanced research methods, and new topics and issues related to marketing. The Journal of Marketing Trends intends to stimulate multi-country and cross-cultural work and to act as an international arena of scientific debate.

More information about JMT in the following link : JMT EDITORIAL POSITIONING.

Editorial objectives 

The Journal of Marketing Trends (JMT) aims to:

  1. Become an academic publication which recognises the work of researchers concerned with new  trends and developments in marketing ;
  2. Encourage cross-disciplinary research on the major changes in marketing paradigms and new fields of original research in all aspects of marketing ;
  3. Develop cross-country and multi-cultural research of the requisite level of quality ;
  4. Attract high quality authors from all continents who are developing knowledge on the major trends in Marketing ;
  5. Use the strength of the International Editorial Board to provide rapid support and feedback to reinforce the quality of the published work.


The Journal of Marketing Trends (JMT) is interested in publishing the following types of manuscripts derived from new perspective articles and advanced research in Marketing: (a) Empirical research that reports quantitative data, statistical tests and validity assessment information, (b) Exploratory research introducing qualitative data, verbatim and groundwork, (c) Theoretical research including conceptual articles, state of the art, meta-analyses, and critical essays.

Publication rules

The formal publication rules are those of all International academic publications and journals. To be published the papers must meet the following publication requirements:

  • The submission should be 20 (min.) to 30 pages (max.) long;
  • 30,000 characters in English (spaces not included) and 30,000 characters in paper language (spaces not included) if applicable.

The articles can be written in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish.

Additional information on publication rules can be downloaded here : PUBLICATION RULES.

Reprint information

Official Journal of the International Marketing Trends Conference

The Journal of Marketing Trends is published quarterly.

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The views expressed in the Journal of Marketing Trends are not those of the Editorial Board or the publisher. All articles in this journal have undergone a blind review process. The authors can use their paper in part or in full on any use without asking the JMT’s permission to re-use their own work and to publish their article in printed form, electronic form, and other data storage media, transmission over the Internet and other communication networks and in any other electronic form. They are requested to cite the original publication source of their work and link to the published version. The authors assign copyright or license the publication rights in their articles to the Marketing Trends Association (Paris Venice Marketing).