The Journal of Marketing Trends is a RANKED publication.

The Journal of Marketing Trends (JMT) is positioned as an academic publication dedicated to tesearch on the Marketing Trends and to supporting its development.

It is devoted to explore new ideas and models, and to identify new trends in marketing and in marketing methodologies.

Publication rules

The formal publication rules of the Journal of Marketing Trends are those of all International academic publications and journals.

Submission process

To submit a paper for the Journal of Marketing Trends, send an electronic submission to Professor Pauline de PECHPEYROU (, Professor Chris HALLIBURTON  (, Professor Jean-Louis MOULINS (, and the JMT
Secretariat ( with the following matching email subject line “Journal of Marketing Trends _Name_ Lastname_Firstname_country”.

The Journal of Marketing Trends publication rules can be downloaded here : SUBMISSION GUIDELINES.

Selection process

  • All papers go through the Reviewing Process in the original language used by the authors (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish).
  • For the papers that are not written in English, it is only once they have had a final acceptance in their original language that they will be translated by the author(s) into English. These papers will be published in two languages: in English and in the original language, in line with the tradition of the
    International Conference of Marketing Trends.
  • All articles are evaluated through a double blind review process.
  • The papers should contain original material neither published nor presented elsewhere and respect research ethics guidelines.
  • The selection will be made on the basis of the publication rules of the major marketing research reviews, while also seeking to preserve the diversity of the various points of view.
  • The reviewers are all Marketing professors with high academic standards.