International Marketing Trends Conference




Paris (France) is the official venue of the 22nd International Marketing Trends Conference on January 19-21 2023.


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    With over 500 speakers and contributors, from more than 50 different countries, the International Marketing Trends Conference offers a great variety of conferences and covers a wide range of topics. It has, over the years, proven to be a unique think-tank that interacts with leading business professionals, top academic experts, professors, researchers and Ph.D. students. The IMTC originally takes place alternatively in Paris (France) and Venice (Italy). In 2017, we decided to start including additional locations and IMTC took place in Madrid (Spain). In 2022 we gladly accepted the invitation of LUMSA Università to organize the conference in central Roma (Italy), next to historical Roma and Vaticano. The next Conference will take place in Paris in ESCP Business School Campus.

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    Key events and publications of the International Marketing Trends Conference :

    • International Marketing Trends Congress, an academic event where professors and researchers present their work on the latest research trends in marketing;
    • Marketing Strategy Forum, a series of round tables and presentations where business professionals are invited to exchange with other managers and academics on the marketing strategies;
    • Healthcare Strategy Forum, a conference dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry where top executives exchange on the key strategic issues of the industry;
    • Doctoral Colloquium, which offers Ph.D. students the opportunity to present their research and receive guidance on future directions from leading academics;
    • Poster Session, an exchange platform which takes place in a specific location where researchers can display a paper poster illustrating their research and meet other researchers;
    • International Marketing Trends Awards, which acknowledges researchers and professionals for their overall achievements;
    • Professor Elyette Roux Best Thesis in Luxury Management Prize, which aims at acknowledging outstanding reseach made by Ph.D. students all along their thesis work and support future research and publications in the field of luxury brand management;
    • Best Thesis Award, which is given to the author of a completed thesis for its outstanding contribution to research in marketing;
    • Best Paper Award, which is given to the best conference paper;
    • Marketing Trends Journalan academic publication dedicated to research on the marketing trends.
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    The conference also organizes thematic symposiums that take place each year in September. The previous symposiums were dedicated to Arts and Creative Industries, Luxury Industries and Healthcare.