Pr. Elyette Roux Best "Luxury Brand Management" Thesis Award



The Pr. Elyette Roux Best Thesis on Luxury Brand Management Award Oral Defence will take place on Thursday 20th of January 2022.

Submission information :

  • Deadline :November 2nd 2020 
  • The submission should be sent to and have the matching email line : "Elyette Roux Luxury Award - LAST NAME - First Name - Country".

All information on the Pr. Elyette Roux Prize available by clicking here.

  • The Professor Elyette Roux Luxury Thesis Award is an international award open to Ph.D. students who defended their thesis between January 2019 and January 2020 on marketing issues linked to luxury brands management.
  • The registration to the prize is free of charge (0€) and includes an invitation to the Gala Dinner of the conference.

Deadlines for submission and registration :

  • November 2nd 2020: Submission with all the required documents at

  • November 19th 2020: Notification of acceptance 

  • November 19th 2020: Registration 

  • January 14th 2021: Oral Defence

  • January 15th 2021: Elyette Roux Luxury Thesis Award Ceremony


In order to be considered to defend his/her Ph.D. thesis in front of the Prize Committee, each candidate should send the following documents :

  • Perspective on future publications of the candidate in the field of luxury brands management (1 page max.);
  • Electronic copy of the Ph.D. thesis with minutes of the oral defense;
  • Abstract in English (2 pages max.) for the international selection ONLY;
  • Brief CV / Resumé (1 page);
  • Summary of the dissertation in English (10 pages max.) in line with the following rules:

          - Introduction, issue addressed and research question  (1 page);

          - Literature analysis (2 pages);

          - Research model and methodology (2 pages);

          - Results analysis (2 pages);

          - Academic learnings and managerial implications (2 pages);

          - Conclusion and 10 max. references (1 page).

  • The submission should be sent to and have the matching email line : "Elyette Roux Luxury Award - LAST NAME - First Name - Country".