The high consumption of natural resources and energy made by hotel companies, together with the corresponding waste generation, has placed the hotel sector in an ideal application field for environmental social responsibility policies. So much so that the environmental performance of hotel companies has received increasing attention, which has led to an increasing number of hotels designing and implementing socially responsible measures focused on environmental protection.

The present work is focused on the study, from a social responsibility approach, of the implications of policies and measures for environmental management in the hotel sector, exposing not only the various operational areas in which they arise, but also the possible motivations of management to start these programs. To complete our work, we analyze, using the case method, the environmental policies carried out in one of the leading hotels of the province of Cadiz for pioneering the application of the same, the Hotel Playa Victoria, owned by Palafox hotel chain.

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El alto consumo de recursos naturales y energía por parte de las compañías hoteleras, junto con la correspondiente generación de residuos, hace del sector hotelero un campo de aplicación ideal para las políticas socialmente responsables medioambientales. Tanto es así que la actuación medioambiental de las empresas hoteleras recibe una atención creciente, lo que ha llevado a que un número cada vez mayor de hoteles diseñen e implementen medidas socialmente responsables en materia de protección medioambiental.

El presente trabajo está centrado en el estudio, desde un enfoque de responsabilidad social, de las implicaciones de políticas y medidas para la gestión medioambiental en el sector hotelero, exponiendo no solo las distintas areas operacionales en que pueden surgir, sino también las posibles motivaciones de la gerencia para emprender estos programas. Para completar nuestro trabajo, analizamos, siguiendo el método del caso, las políticas medioambientales llevadas a cabo en uno de los hoteles líderes de la provincia de Cádiz, por la aplicación pionera de las mismas, el Hotel Playa Victoria, perteneciente a la cadena Palafox.

Fernández Alles
María Teresa
Universidad de Cádiz
Cuadrado Marqués
Universidad de Cádiz

Market of tourism in russia: structure, trends, changes of preferences, prospects

This study investigates the Russian tourist market, legal base of tourist activity, policies of the
government in this area; based on the tourism statistics provided by official sources the
structure of the market and dynamics of Russian tourists’ preferences in 2003-2008 are
evaluated. It also suggests that in our days Russian tourism promotion becomes more and
more important for national economy, because it is one of the factors for improving socialeconomic
situation in Russia by means of: inflow of money from tourist activity,
diversification of the national economy, increase of living standards of Russians and changing
of inertial scenario of Russian economy evolution based, mainly, on export of oil and gas, to a
new effective scenario reflecting modern realities. Dynamics of outbound tourist flow for
direction Russia-France and preferences of Russians for this direction were described;
demand forecasts for 2009 were prepared; the rating of tour operators for 2008 was presented.
Prospects for tourism development in the Udmurt Republic, the home region of Russian
authors of the research, were estimated.

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Victoria V.
Izhevsk State Technical University, Izhevsk, Russia
Alexey V.
Izhevsk State Technical University, Izhevsk, Russia
Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textiles, Roubaix, France
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