The role of colour on brand identity and brand choice for children – a working paper

The effect of colour on individuals is a well documented phenomenon with general consensus
drawn with regards to the effect on emotions and mood. What is more ambiguous however is
the effect of colour on marketing practices, specifically the effects of colour on brand choice.
Although there is a growing body of empirically-based research into these effects there are
still major research gaps, the main limitations being the exclusion of value and chroma in
experiments, the testing of colour preferences with no reference to specific product categories
and the relatively small sample sizes. This paper reports a work in progress of an empirical
study designed to examine such research gaps: that of the effects of colour on brand choice
for different aged children with a focus on the effects of hue, value and chroma on a range of
product categories within the healthy snack foods market. The findings will provide valuable
guidelines for successful future marketing strategies.

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Liverpool Business School Liverpool John Moores University
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