Poster Session

San Giorgio

The Poster Session of the International Marketing Trends Conference will take place on will take place on January 18-20 2024.

 Submission procedure

    Submission and registration deadlines 

    • 18 Sept. 2023 : Deadline POSTER submission 
    • 14 Nov.  2023 : Notification of poster acceptance to the authors
    • 04 Dec.  2023 : Deadline for sending final version of poster 

    The Poster Session is an important event of the conference programme. It is an opportunity to meet other researchers who share similar interests, share ideas and get credit for resumé -a true win-win!-. This format is ideal for meeting colleagues, discussing work with other conference delegates and heightening the participants’ career profile.

    A separate room of the conference is dedicated to the poster sessions. The room is equipped to allow the physical exhibition of paper posters (A1 size) illustrating the participants’ research methods and outcomes. The conference attendees can see a variety of posters and talk with the researchers who prepared them.

      Please note that the participants should print their posters themselves and bring them to the conference for display. The posters should be A1 (59,4cm x 84,1 cm) format and printed on a single side.

      The posters should also be readable in A4 format in order to be included in the conference proceedings.