Applying sales promotion strategy among small retailers – questions of a planned empirical research

Sales promotion is a preferred communication tool among retailers in order to increase sales immediately, attract new customers or retain new ones. The use of different financial allowances or other type of incentives became popular in Hungary over the 21st century due to the spread of shopping centers, superstores and hypermarkets. Consumers are very price-sensitive and promotion-sensitive, they like good bargains, when they can buy something cheaper or with a better conditions. Due to the fierce competition and consumer demand independent small shops are forced to use sales promotion techniques to be successful. This statement is especially true in the region of West Pannonia, where the retailing sector is very well developed and the spending power is high. The study summarizes the main questions of an empirical research, namely the importance and the use of sales promotion tactics among small independent clothes shops with different strategic focus.

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Szechenyi Istvan University
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